Wow! Long time no update.

I havn't been able to play the sims in so long!
AP testings over in 2 weeks, i'll finally have time to do stuff other than homework all day. :D

Recently made this sim:
His name is Skie Kairyu hes a male homewrecker. :)
Hes got five kids and counting so far!
Hide yo wives 'cuz hes impregnating erryone up in here! 


I havn't gotten to play in so long. ):

Dang senior year, the homework is making me go crazy!
I did get the time to do this assignment for Vogue Sims Modeling. :)

I assume you can guess what I was inspired by, haha.


Jemma's been modeling!

Inspired by lula magazine. :) Entering here, but I don't know which one to use!

I feel like making another model now, it's fun!

More Jemma

And I finally finished Jemma's apartment!


Jemma the Inventor

This is my new simmy Jemma. :)I'm real excited to play her, i've never made an inventor sim before.
Her apartment is still a WIP, but here's a preview of whats done (still need to recolor things)


Guess what I've been playingg!

Thats right! The sims 1.
Haha, I just finished installing Makin' Magic.
I cant wait!

And I <3 My Sims 1 sim, Lady Gaga. LOL


Meet Hazel Button :D

Welp, Today I got bored and decided to make a new sim: This is Hazel!
Shes a farm loving girl, and hopes to build her dream home with a huge garden someday.

Hazel started on her dream garden.
 After a hard days work she decided to get out on the town, and ended up dancing with the cute bartender!
 They hit it off well...
 ...and eventually ran off to get married
One step closer to that dream home!