Wow! Long time no update.

I havn't been able to play the sims in so long!
AP testings over in 2 weeks, i'll finally have time to do stuff other than homework all day. :D

Recently made this sim:
His name is Skie Kairyu hes a male homewrecker. :)
Hes got five kids and counting so far!
Hide yo wives 'cuz hes impregnating erryone up in here! 


I havn't gotten to play in so long. ):

Dang senior year, the homework is making me go crazy!
I did get the time to do this assignment for Vogue Sims Modeling. :)

I assume you can guess what I was inspired by, haha.


Jemma's been modeling!

Inspired by lula magazine. :) Entering here, but I don't know which one to use!

I feel like making another model now, it's fun!

More Jemma

And I finally finished Jemma's apartment!


Jemma the Inventor

This is my new simmy Jemma. :)I'm real excited to play her, i've never made an inventor sim before.
Her apartment is still a WIP, but here's a preview of whats done (still need to recolor things)