Guess what I've been playingg!

Thats right! The sims 1.
Haha, I just finished installing Makin' Magic.
I cant wait!

And I <3 My Sims 1 sim, Lady Gaga. LOL


Meet Hazel Button :D

Welp, Today I got bored and decided to make a new sim: This is Hazel!
Shes a farm loving girl, and hopes to build her dream home with a huge garden someday.

Hazel started on her dream garden.
 After a hard days work she decided to get out on the town, and ended up dancing with the cute bartender!
 They hit it off well...
 ...and eventually ran off to get married
One step closer to that dream home!


So i'd totally like to check out your blogs!

So, I'd love to see your blogs. And i definitely wouldn't mind adding them to the "blogs i enjoy" list, leave a comment here or on my profile on TS3 site and I'll have to check it out! :D


:D Yay! Its Christmas here, I can't wait to see what santa left me haha.
Well, here is what hippo has left you! (I failed to make patterns cuz I'm super not smart apparently?)

Well I have for you.. more paintings! These are drawn by APAK from buyolympia.com.
Their shop there can be found here, I really want a card from them! haha.

The 5 shown in the first picture have an environment score of 11 and sell for 30 simoleans.
The special Santa one has an environment score of 6 and sells for 15 simoleans.

Download here:

Merry Christmas everyone<3


I love being blue. :)

So I decided to play the Fashioshi family for the moment.
Its Shiio's birthday! My how old shes getting (seriously.. shes turning elderly!)

I don't know which of the children will be continuing the legacy, probably will be Leelo.. shes so cute!

Hmm... Looks like Leelo has a bit of a crush! :)

Quick fact: Shiio Fashioshi's name is derived from a mixture of the words Soy, Tokyo, France, High, and Fashion

Still pushing around ideas for Telula, I really want it to be super special when I finally create her a house and stuff. :)

I think I'll try my luck at pattern making later tonight. They'll probably be up by tomorrow (Christmas here :O)

So, To kick things off....

How about some snazzy new paintings :)

Download here:

They all cost 8 simolians 
(Big Business is actually 3) 
They have Evironment score of 6
Used TSR workshop and photoshop to create
Original artwork by 0xo can be found here
I <3 0xo her art is lovely. :)

Yay! My first ever sims 3 cc creation!
Merry Christmas<3 There will definately be more to come.

Hey. :) First Post!

Well, hey. Thanks for sneaking a peek at my blog, unfortunately theres nothing really interesting here yet.. o__o; Sorry.